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Discovering Peace and Bluebells

Glamping - a gentle journey into nature.

I have just come in from an afternoon of weeding, dirt under my finger nails (I can’t garden with gloves as I need to feel my way!),soil in my hair (not so fetching) and knees peppered with nettle stings. I sacrifice myself for the glampers ‘ garden - but I love it!

Down on my knees in the weeds, my spiralling anxieties settle down in a gentle heap, and inch by inch, as the weeds are removed. the spring flowers appear, tiny bluebells hidden by copious bindweed, forget-me-nots, emerging from their hiding places, shyly opening their tiny petals. They are given space to grow and shine and spread their beauty.

I want our glampers to arrive and as soon as humanly possible, rid themselves of the worries of the daily grind, the weeds of hard busy lives, and find themselves in their own secret garden, opening up to the sun and the wind and the rain, letting all their tensions dissolve, and letting nature do its work.

We all need space not just to unwind, but to laugh and enjoy the outdoors at its best, re-set and just rest in our own beauty, like the bluebell. And at the end of the day, lie back in a wood fired hot tub surrounded by the flowers and the birds and the trees, all settling down for a warm gentle night under a starlit sky. And I will scrub my fingernails!


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08 thg 4

The garden always looks so gorgeous and I’m grateful I haven’t had to ruin my nails doing the weeding!

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