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The Glamping Happiness Kick....

Five reasons we feel happy when we glamp!

  1. The great outdoors … we have heard it so much we almost don’t hear it any more … but when we feel the wind in our hair, when we breathe in the raw fresh oxygen, when we  feel the earth under our feet, we are free. Maybe it’s our cave men ancestors, but we need to see the sky!

  2. A bit of luxury… we don’t need to be struggling with guy ropes and missing tent poles. Life is too short … the glamping mission is a bit of luxury in the wild; wood burning stoves, deep luxurious beds with pure cotton linen; warm gowns, flushing loos for goodness sake. We work hard and we want some us time without the struggle.

  3. The Infamous Hot Tub .. where else can we immerse ourselves in hot bubbles of wood fired water under the star filled sky? No phones, no troubles, just a glass of bubbly and the gentle jets massaging our aching bones into peace.

  4. The fire pit … the delicious smell of roasted marshmallows or for the adventurous smores … the crackling of the logs lighting up the midnight sky as we draw round the fire together, warming our head to our toes.

  5. The best nights sleep; no more blow up beds and sleeping bags … the glamper has duvets, pillows, throws. Comfort is crucial to get the best nights sleep so we can get out into that fresh air the next day and continue our glamping adventures.


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