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Availability and Booking

You have a choice of Orchard Yurt, Walnut Yurt or Wild Thyme Cabin Sites or book both yurts for those bigger groups or even book all three sites to have exclusive use of the whole glampsite. Scroll down on the calendar to check availability and book!

To book, click on your required start date, (the day you are arriving) and then click on your required end date (the day you will be leaving).

We have a two night minimum stay for the yurts and a one night minimum stay for Wild Thyme Cabin, but in some circumstances it may be possible to book a one night stay for the yurts. Please enquire and we will do our best to accommodate requests.

Grey: Unavailable

Light green: Available but no check in

Dark green: Available

Do contact us directly if you have any trouble with the booking system!

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